[incidence of helminths in capra hircus l., from the estado de bahia]. 19751178929
leptospirin - an intradermic test for the diagnosis of the state of bahia (brazil) the leptospirin produced in germany for experimental use by the institute for veterinary medicine, federal health office, berlin, was administered to humans and animals in order to diagnose leptospirosis in collaboration with this institute. the results were compared with the microscopic agglutination reaction. the total number of test persons or animals was 268; this group included 81 human patients. 60 heads of cattle, 50 goats, 40 pigs, 25 horses, and 12 dogs. a ...19807434992
ecotopes, natural infection and trophic resources of triatoma brasiliensis (hemiptera, reduviidae, triatominae).triatoma brasiliensis is considered as one of the most important chagas disease vectors in the northeastern brazil. this species presents chromatic variations which led to descriptions of subspecies, synonymized by lent and wygodzinsky (1979). in order to broaden bionomic knowledge of these distinct colour patterns of t. brasiliensis, captures were performed at different sites, where the chromatic patterns were described: caicó, rio grande do norte (t. brasiliensis brasiliensis neiva, 1911), it ...19989698835
serological survey of antibodies to toxoplasma gondii in goats, sheep, cattle and water buffaloes in bahia state, brazil.serum samples from 439 goats, 240 sheep, 194 cattle and 104 water buffaloes were tested for antibodies to toxoplasma gondii by a latex agglutination test. antibodies to t. gondii were found in 28.93% of goats, 18.75% of sheep, 1.03% of cattle and 3.85% of water buffaloes, at a dilution of 1:64. the highest titres observed in goats, sheep, cattle and water buffaloes were 1:2048, 1:2048, 1:64 and 1:512, respectively.199910384902
swainsonine-induced lysosomal storage disease in goats caused by the ingestion of turbina cordata in northeastern brazil.a disease of the central nervous system in goats was observed in the municipalities of juazeiro, casa nova and curaça, state of bahia, and petrolina, state of pernambuco, northeastern brazil. the disease was produced experimentally in two goats by the administration of dry turbina cordata mixed with grain. clinical signs were observed after the ingestion of 62 and 106 g/kg body weight in 28 and 54 days, respectively. the concentration of swainsonine in the plant varied from less than 0.001% to 0 ...200717030054
detection of hammondia heydorni and related coccidia (neospora caninum and toxoplasma gondii) in goats slaughtered in bahia, brazil.hammondia heydorni is a coccidian parasite with an obligatory two host life cycle, with dogs and foxes as definitive hosts, and a number of intermediate hosts, including goats. while infection by this parasite seems to be unassociated with any clinical signs, infection by the closely related parasites neospora caninum and toxoplasma gondii can result in abortion, stillbirths and low yielding in caprine herds. the aim of this work was to investigate the frequency of goats infected with h. heydorn ...200919278786
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