microsatellite-based phylogeny of indian domestic goats.the domestic goat is one of the important livestock species of india. in the present study we assess genetic diversity of indian goats using 17 microsatellite markers. breeds were sampled from their natural habitat, covering different agroclimatic zones.200818226239
sandfly survey in nainital and almora districts of uttaranchal with particular reference to phlebotomus argentipes, vector of kala-azar.kala-azar continues to pose a major public health problem in bihar, west bengal and parts of eastern uttar pradesh in india causing great deal of morbidity and mortality. during 1998, several kala-azar cases from sub-himalayan region were treated in delhi hospitals. and a suspected focus of kala-azar was subsequently reported from this area. therefore a preliminary sandfly survey was carried out during october, 1999 in 18 randomly selected villages at different altitudes in nainital & almora dis ...200111898464
studies on 'zinc deficiency syndrome' in black bengal goats (capra hircus) fed with fodder (andropogon gayanus) grown on soil treated with an excess of calcium and phosphorus fertilizer.overliming and excessive application of superphosphate caused a zinc deficiency in the soil and so reduced the uptake of zinc by fodder plants. bucks reared on such fodder had significantly (p < 0.01) less zinc in their hair compared with controls and suffered from 'conditioned zinc deficiency syndrome' with a significant (p < 0.01) loss of body weight, stunted growth, alopecia, lethargy, abnormal (kyphotic) gait, anorexia, digestive and respiratory problems. oral supplementation with zinc sulph ...19979444077
trace elemental analysis of extracted dust from lungs and lymph nodes of domestic animals using x-ray fluorescence technique.samples of dust extracted from the lungs and lymph nodes of certain domestic animals from west bengal, orissa, bihar provinces of india were quantitatively analysed using photon excited energy dispersive x-ray fluorescence technique. thin specimens were prepared for analysis to minimize matrix enhancement and absorption effects. amongst the various elements analysed, hg, fe, cu, zn and pb were found to be present in appreciable amounts. an important finding was the presence of a very high concen ...19807419324
activity of japanese encephalitis virus among certain domestic animals in west bengal. 19826295928
susceptibility of a yak to influenza a viruses and presence of h3n2 antibodies in animals in nepal and india.naturally acquired antibody to h3n2 human influenza antigens was found in a yak-zebu crossbred in nepal. serial inoculation of a yak, negative for antibody, produced a response to a/hong kong/1/68 (h3n2), a/england/42/72 (h3n2), and a/prague/1/56 (heq1 neq1) influenzavirus strains. single radial diffusion tests showed that cattle and goats in west bengal, india, and water buffaloes and cattle in kathmandu, nepal, also had antibodies against the h3n2 antigens. haemagglutination-inhibition antibod ...19744549482
demodicidosis in livestock in west bengal (india).of 2820 livestock, comprising 472 cattle, 294 goats, 128 pigs and 665 dogs of urban and rural areas of west bengal (india), 89 (3.15%) were found to suffer from demodicidosis. highest infestation rate (3.87%) was observed in dogs followed by cattle (3.11%), goats (2.44%) and pigs (1.44%). the infestation rate did not differ significantly between urban and rural areas. head, neck and face were the common sites of lesions followed by extremities and body surfaces. females were infested more than m ...19853836214
transmission of sarcoptes scabiei from animal to man and its control.outbreak of sarcoptes scabiei in animals spilling over to man in close association was observed in two adjacent villages, fewgram and nurpur in the district of birbhum, west bengal, from mid-november to mid-december, 1991. nineteen goats and one calf who did not receive any treatment died of sarcoptic manage. all infected animals got cured with external application of deltamethrin, a synthetic pyrethroid and triazapentadiene. human cases were treated successfully with benzene hexachloride (2%).19958699041
sarcoptes scabiei in animals spreading to outbreak of sarcoptes scabiei in animals was observed from mid-november 1991 to mid-december 1991 in two adjacent villages, fewgram and nurpur, in birbhum district, west bengal state, india, starting from goats to cattle, then to sheep and even to dogs. nineteen goats and one cattle died of manage infection. the infection spread to man in the last week of december 1991, and affected forty-two human beings, tending and rearing animals. the animals treated with deltamenthrin (synthetic pyrethro ...19938362460
analysis of 22 heterologous microsatellite markers for genetic variability in indian goats.the genetic variability of 22 heterologous microsatellite markers was analyzed in two indian goat breeds, namely bengal and chegu. the heterozygosity, polymorphism information content (pic), and probability of identity of two individuals were calculated for all microsatellite loci in both the breeds. the observed number of alleles varied between 4 and 13 at the studied microsatellite loci. the evaluated microsatellite loci exhibited high mean heterozygosity of 0.69 +/- 0.11 and 0.66 +/- 0.07 in ...200314703075
metal concentrations and histopathological changes in goats (capra hircus) reared near an industrial area of west bengal, india.the present investigation was performed to assess the concentrations of four heavy metals-lead (pb), cadmium (cd), copper (cu), and cobalt (co)-in goats reared in the vicinity of an industrial area of west bengal, india, including soil, water, and feedstuffs; tissues of liver, kidney, lung, spleen, and muscle; and milk and faeces. in addition, histopathological changes in liver, lung, kidney, spleen, and muscle samples were examined. mejia block as an industrial polluted site and vatar block as ...201525633649
genetic structuring of nine indian domestic goat breeds based on snps identified in igf-1 gene.the caprine insulin like growth factor1 (igf1) gene was analyzed for identification of single nucleotide polymorphisms (snps) and genetic structuring of indian goat breeds. a panel of 80 samples belonging to nine indian goat breeds (capra hircus) including three large sized breeds (jamunapari, beetal and jakhrana); three medium sized breeds (sirohi, barbari, and osmanabadi) and three small sized breeds (black bengal, changthangi, and gaddi) were screened for snp identification and diversity anal ...201323534960
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