botulism from drinking prison-made illicit alcohol - utah 2011.foodborne botulism is a rare, potentially fatal paralytic illness caused by eating food contaminated by clostridium botulinum toxin. it occurs most often as a single case not linked to others by a common food source. as a result of improvements in food canning, when outbreaks do occur, they typically involve fewer than five persons. during october 2-4 2011, eight maximum security inmates at the utah state prison in salt lake county were diagnosed with foodborne botulism. an investigation by salt ...201223034585
a relationship between avian carcasses and living invertebrates in the epizootiology of avian botulism.a survey of the sources of clostridium botulinum type c toxin possibly utilized as food by aquatic birds in an epizootic area of avian botulism in northern utah showed that living aquatic and terrestrial invertebrates normally found in close association with dead, decomposing birds commonly carried the toxin. of 461 samples associated with 21 species of avian carcasses, 198 were toxin-positive. invertebrate species not normally scavengers of vertebrate tissues were less commonly and less highly ...19761255907
infant botulism: clinical spectrum and epidemiology.between 1977 and 1979, 12 cases of infant botulism were diagnosed in utah, and 87 control patients (normal, nonbotulism neurologic disease, and nonbotulism systemic disease) were evaluated. observations from these patients suggest an expanded clinical spectrum of infant botulism including asymptomatic carriers of organism; mild hypotonia and failure to thrive; typical cases with constipation, bulbar weakness, and hypotonia; and children with a picture compatible with sudden infant death syndrome ...19807005856
infant botulism in the united states: an epidemiologic study of cases occurring outside of were obtained for the 96 hospitalized cases of infant botulism reported to the centers for disease control between 1976-1980 from all states other than california. forty-one cases were associated with clostridium botulinum type a, 53 with type b, one with type f, and one with a strain of c. botulinum capable of producing both type b and f toxin. cases occurred in 25 states; the disease was more common in the western part of the united states, with the highest attack rates reported for utah ...19836638233
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