the occurrence of clostridium botulinum and clostridium tetani in the soil of the united states.soil samples taken every fifty miles on four east-west transects across the united states were examined for c. botulinum and c. tetani, organisms that could inhibit the growth of c. botulinum type a, and for various soil properties. type a strains were found mostly in the western part of the united states, in neutral to alkaline soil. type b strains were more uniformly distributed, with a majority of them occurring east of the mississippi river; none, however, were found in samples taken in the ...1978355208
survey of the u.s. gulf coast for the presence of clostridium sediments and animals collected during warm weather months between key west, fla., and brownsville, tex., clostridium botulinum, predominantly type e, was demonstrable. incidence was somewhat higher in the eastern gulf animals, but the organism was present to the southernmost limits of both texas and florida. types a and f were never detected in warm weather. no bottom type or any single species seemed exclusively vulnerable. in samples collected during colder weather, the east-west incidence ...19675340653
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