[detection of clostridium botulinum spores in honey].a total of 177 honey samples were examined for clostridium botulinum, 68 of which were from commercial origin, 8 from small rural producers for family consumption, and the remaining 6 from fractionizing centers in mendoza and san luis provinces in argentina. c. botulinum type a was detected in two samples of rural producer origin (1.1%) by the centrifugation-dilution method. the strain was recovered from one of the samples, obtaining a spore count of 55/g of honey. even though the positive perce ...19979411489
infant botulism during a one year period in san luis, argentina.five cases of infant botulism which occurred during the period from may 1995 to may 1996 in san luis, argentina, are reported. infant botulism was confirmed in all patients by isolation of clostridium botulinum type a from stool culture and by the toxin assay. toxin was found in the serum of one of them. all patients required hospitalization with treatment consisting of supportive especially respiratory and nutritional care. at the time of discharge from the hospital, three patients had a good r ...19989532265
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