food-borne botulism in argentina.botulism is a severe neuroparalytic disease caused by clostridium botulinum toxins. although the disease is uncommon it is a cause of great concern due to its high rate of mortality. food-borne outbreaks of botulism occur worldwide and require immediate public health attention and acute care resources. analysis of outbreaks showed that the food products most often involved were fermented fish products in alaska; home-canned food, oil preservation and restaurant sauce in the rest of the united st ...200919759486
[type d and a clostridium botulinum in necropsy samples from bovines with "mal de aguapey"].bacteriological studies were carried out on several necropsy samples from five animals whose deaths had been attributed to bovine botulism. this disease, regionally called mal de aguapey, enzootically affects animals from a wide area of the north-east of argentina (province of corrientes) with a bovine population estimated at near to 2,500,000. either c. botulinum type d, its toxin or both were identified in all animal samples, alternatively in contents of rumen, jejunum, ileum, caecum and in sa ...19892694218
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