a survey of water activity and ph values in fresh pasta packed under modified atmosphere manufactured in argentina and uruguay.the water activity (a(w)) and ph values of commercially available filled fresh pasta and gnocchi packed under modified atmosphere and manufactured in argentina and uruguay were examined. the retail survey included 58 samples (several brands) of filled pasta and 11 samples of gnocchi. fillings consisted of different combinations of cheese (various types), beef, ricotta, ham, chicken, and spinach. the survey revealed that the a(w) values of the 58 samples of filled pasta ranged from 0.916 to 0.973 ...200010914670
[presence of botulinum-producing clostridia in the soils of entre ríos].botulism, well known for centuries, continues to preoccupy the public health authorities, food and agricultural industries. in its oldest form it results from ingestion of food containing botulinum toxin. to correctly evaluate the incidence of botulism it is fundamental to know the distribution of botulinum toxin-producing clostridia (clostridium botulinum, c. baratii, c. butyricum and c. argentinense) in nature, specially in the soil, its main reservoir. in our country, this study has been carr ...200312833680
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