poisoning of sheep in new south wales by the blue-green alga anacystis cyanea (kuetz.) dr. and dail. 19665336172
botulism in new south wales, 1980-1981.the isolation of clostridium botulinum from the home environment of new south wales patients with infant botulism is reported. of the three cases of infant botulism type b, the bacteria were isolated from soil around the dwelling in one, and from tank rainwater in another. in one case with type a, the bacteria were present in the soil, vacuum-cleaner dust, and tank rainwater. the bacteria were not detected in the environment of two adult patients and a child with c. botulinum in their stools. th ...19836400580
infant botulism in a breast-fed infant from rural new south wales. 19817019636
genomic epidemiology of clostridium botulinum isolates from temporally related cases of infant botulism in new south wales, australia.infant botulism is a potentially life-threatening paralytic disease that can be associated with prolonged morbidity if not rapidly diagnosed and treated. four infants were diagnosed and treated for infant botulism in nsw, australia, between may 2011 and august 2013. despite the temporal relationship between the cases, there was no close geographical clustering or other epidemiological links. clostridium botulinum isolates, three of which produced botulism neurotoxin serotype a (bont/a) and one b ...201526109442
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