primary clarithromycin resistance to helicobacter pylori and therapy failure in children: the experience in west virginia. 200616540805
helicobacter pylori infection rate decreases in symptomatic children: a retrospective analysis of 13 years (1993-2005) from a gastroenterology clinic in west virginia.the rate of helicobacter pylori is decreasing in the developed countries, but few long-term studies are available from the united states. we retrospectively assessed the annual h. pylori infection rate in symptomatic children seen in our clinic over a 13-year study period.200918779740
process of care and outcomes for elderly patients hospitalized with peptic ulcer disease: results from a quality improvement project.since publication in 1994 of guidelines for management of peptic ulcer disease (pud), trends in physician practice and outcomes related to guideline application have not been evaluated.200111667935
prevalence of helicobacter pylori infection in children from urban and rural west virginia.our objective was to evaluate the prevalence rate of helicobacter pylori (hp) in children from urban and rural areas of west virginia. in all, 1164 blood samples were collected from children who attended a local health fair, pediatric clinics, and emergency departments of four different hospitals located in urban and rural counties. socioeconomic status was determined in 303 children. serum hp antibody (igg) was measured by enzyme immunoassay (eia). a total of 468 (40%) samples were hp positive. ...19989558033
diagnosis and treatment of helicobacter pylori infection in children: a survey of wv primary care physicians.helicobacter pylori infection has been implicated in the development of peptic ulcer disease in children. although clinical protocols for the diagnosis and treatment of this infection in children are available, the implementation of those guidelines by primary physicians are insufficient. in this study, we surveyed the clinical practices of 409 primary physicians who practice in west virginia and treat children with h. pylori infection. results showed in contradiction with the recommendation, pr ...200111761653
chronic gastrointestinal symptoms of thomas "stonewall" jackson following mexican-american war exposure: a medical a recent study, a large proportion of veterans seen for chronic heartburn or dyspepsia after the persian gulf war had evidence for helicobacter pylori. thomas jackson was born and raised in an area of west virginia that has a high prevalence of h. pylori. he suffered chronic dyspeptic symptoms following his service in the mexican-american war. therapies that he tried included treatment with a variant of the sippy diet. following a bullet wound to the left arm at the battle of chancellorsville ...200717274257
dramatic decline in prevalence of helicobacter pylori and peptic ulcer disease in an endoscopy-referral determine if endoscopic helicobacter pylori and peptic ulcer disease prevalence has changed over an 11-year period in a rural region.201121396510
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