[campylobacter pyloridis and socioeconomic levels].the purpose of this study was to determine if there was any relationship between the socio-economic level of patients and the colonization of the stomach by campylobacter pyloridis. we have studied 256 patients who underwent esophagogastroduodenoscopy because they had upper gastrointestinal symptoms of this group, 143 from arzobispo loayza hospital (38 males and 105 females) and 122 from the private practice of three of the authors (77 males and 45 females). the ages ranged from 16 to 75 years ( ...19873442181
dietary risk factors associated with the transmission of helicobacter pylori in lima, peru.the factors influencing the risk of acquisition of helicobacter pylori infection are not well established. one hundred four children (0-17 years of age) requiring an endoscopy for the evaluation of gastrointestinal symptoms had demographic and dietary data collected and biopsy specimens of the gastric antrum stained for the identification of h. pylori. the 52 (50%) infected subjects were significantly older than the uninfected ones with no difference in gender, crowding, source of drinking water ...19989790444
helicobacter pylori infection and atrophic gastritis in middle-aged japanese residents of são paulo and lima.helicobacter pylori infection and atrophic gastritis (ag) are markedly more prevalent in japan than in other industrialized countries, however, the reasons for such a high prevalence are not fully understood. to add to information on h. pylori infection and its association with ag, the authors studied japanese living in less developed countries.199910405867
acute helicobacter pylori infection is followed by an increase in diarrheal disease among peruvian children.cohort and case-crossover studies were conducted to evaluate whether new helicobacter pylori infections are followed by increased diarrhea.200111694671
helicobacter pylori populations in peruvian patients.helicobacter pylori is an extremely diverse species. the characterization of strains isolated from individual patients should give insights into colonization and disease mechanisms and bacterial evolution. we studied h. pylori isolates from patients in the japanese-peruvian polyclinic in lima, peru, by determining metronidazole susceptibility or resistance and by random amplified polymorphic dna (rapd) fingerprinting (a measure of overall genotype). strains isolated from several biopsy specimens ...19979402344
helicobacter pylori infection in children with abdominal ailments in a developing country.helicobacter pylori commonly infects children in developing countries. to determine the frequency of this infection and its potential role in specific gastrointestinal entities, all patients requiring upper gastrointestinal endoscopy for the evaluation of abdominal ailments in a gastroenterology practice in lima, peru, were evaluated during a 1-year period. gastric biopsies were obtained for each child and were stained with hematoxylin-eosin and warthin-starry stains. of the 107 evaluable patien ...19979365327
helicobacter pylori in the drinking water in association between water sources and the prevalence of helicobacter pylori infection in peruvian children was shown previously. the aim of this study was to confirm the presence of h. pylori in drinking water in the same community.19968612990
water source as risk factor for helicobacter pylori infection in peruvian children. gastrointestinal physiology working group.helicobacter pylori infection is widespread among peruvian adults by the age of 30, but the age at which children become infected, the prevalence of disease, and the role of socioeconomic status in the epidemiology of infection are not known. we used the 13c-urea breath test to study the prevalence of infection in 407 peruvian children from lima, aged 2 months to 12 years, from families of low and high socioeconomic status. peruvian children acquire h pylori early in life and the number of infec ...19911675369
[relationship between histologic type and location of gastric adenocarcinoma in the rebagliati hospital].there is epidemiologic evidence that suggest the relation between the histological type and location of gastric adenocarcinoma. knowing that there is a predominance of helicobacter pylori infection in the antral region and this is considered an environmental factor; make us suppose that there is a relation among intestinal type and distal location.201121836654
[barrett's esophagus: prevalence and risk factors in the national hospital arzobispo loayza in lima-peru].barrett's esophagus (be)is a condition where squamous epithelium is substituted for glandular type intestinal as consequence gastroesophageal reflux chronic. the be is a lesion pre malignant (adenocarcinoma ). factors like age, generous, biliary reflux, antecedent of esophagitis, hiatus hernia, obesity, fatty diet could be risk factors in be, while helicobacter pylori could be protect factor.201021263757
helicobacter pylori from peruvian amerindians: traces of human migrations in strains from remote amazon, and genome sequence of an amerind strain.the gastric pathogen helicobacter pylori is extraordinary in its genetic diversity, the differences between strains from well-separated human populations, and the range of diseases that infection promotes.201021124785
[prevalence of helicobacter pylori in a private practice setting in lima, peru. sensitivity of biopsies and rapid urease test].the prevalence of helicobacter pylori in high and mid social-economic classes in peru is trending down. this prevalence has not been evaluated at our institution in several years. the sensitivity of biopsies of the different anatomic areas of the stomach has not been evaluated either.201020445722
["influence of eradication of helicobacter pylori in patients with non-ulcer dyspepsia in a hospital of lima"].to determine whether erradication of helicobacter pylori (hp) infection from gastric mucosae is associated with changes in symptoms severity and satisfaction degree in patients with non-ulcer dyspepsia (nud).201020445721
[study of urease test or breath test (bt) and correlation with gastric biopsy to detect helicobacter pylori (hp) in dyspeptic patients at "hospital nacional cayetano heredia hospital" (hnch)--lima].to establish the utility of the ipen ureasa test or breath test with c14, in the detection of helicobacter pylori infection in dyspeptic patients at the hnch.200717712395
[comparison of the prevalence of helicobacter pylori stomach infection in peruvian and japanese population].to compare the prevalence of helicobacter pylori infection in native peruvians and japaneses residing in peru.200516496853
severe gastritis in the peruvian compare the helicobacter pylori-associated pathology in gastric biopsies taken from patients living at sea level with those taken from patients living at high altitude.200515810948
[variation of helicobacter pylori prevalence and its relation with the level of chlorine in the water at the "atarjea" plant, lima, perú. period 1985-2002].relate the variation in the prevalence of helicobacter pylori in patients from medium and high socio-economic levels, suffering from chronic active gastritis (cag) and peptic ulcer, from 1985 to 2002, in lima, peru with the content levels of chlorine in the water at the "atarjea" water treatment plant.200415483683
[epidemiologic study of helicobacter pylori infection in perú].we present the results of our investigations in the epidemiology of h. pylori infection in peru during the last two decades. the prevalence of helicobacter pylori infection in lima is decreasing in people of middle and high socioeconomic status and continues stationary in people of low socioeconomic status. this decrease is similar in peruvian and japanese population in this city, and is associated to the decrease of the gastrointestinal diseases related to this bacterium: peptic ulcer and stoma ...200415481796
[changes in the prevalence of h. pylori in perú; during the 1985-2002 period in medium and upper socio-economic strata].in the developed countries, the prevalence of infection by h. pylori among patients with active chronic gastritis (acg) and peptic ulcer is diminishing. in developing countries, as far as it is known, neither a time variation of this infection nor a related epidemiological phenomena have been reported.200312853984
no association between helicobacter pylori and mycobacterium tuberculosis infections among gastrointestinal clinic attendees in lima, peru.helicobacter pylori (hp) infection can cause hypochlorhydria, a positive risk factor for mycobacterium tuberculosis (mtb) infection. this study examined the association between hp and mtb infections among persons attending the policlinico peruano japonés gastrointestinal clinic in lima, peru. from 23 june 2000 to 18 august 2000, consenting 18-55 year olds who attended the clinic for gastric biopsy gave blood for hp serologic testing, underwent tuberculin skin testing (tst) and completed a social ...200312613749
posttreatment follow-up of helicobacter pylori infection using a stool antigen immunoassay.the helicobacter pylori stool antigen enzyme immunoassay (hpsa) was evaluated during posttreatment follow-up of patients in a country with a very high prevalence of h. pylori infection. from among 273 dyspeptic individuals (18 to 55 years) initially recruited from a shantytown in lima, peru, 238 participants who met the inclusion criteria and were suspected to be h. pylori positive based on (14)c urea breath test (ubt) results underwent endoscopy. participants with endoscopy-proven infections re ...200111427417
helicobacter pylori is not a determinant factor of persistent diarrhoea or malnutrition in peruvian investigate the role of helicobacter pylori in childhood diarrhoea, specific igg antibodies to h. pylori (determined by an elisa) were sought in 119 infants aged 3-36 months in peru. thirty one of the infants had acute diarrhoea (defined as lasting < 72 h and not present in the previous 3 weeks), 67 had persistent diarrhoea (lasting > or = 14 days with no more than 1 intervening diarrhoea-free day) and the remaining 21 had not had diarrhoea in the previous 3 weeks. the children with diarrhoea ...199910696416
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