interleukin-1 gene polymorphisms and gastric cancer risk in a high-risk italian genetic factors, including the il1 gene cluster, play a key role in determining the long-term outcome of helicobacter pylori infection. the aim of the study was to investigate the relationship between selected il1 loci polymorphisms and gastric cancer risk in an italian population.200516128937
gastric cancer mortality trends in tuscany, italy, 1971-2004.aims, background, and methods: in tuscany, italy, gastric cancer mortality has been decreasing since 1950, although with relevant geographical variability across the region. in eastern tuscan areas close to the mountains (high risk areas), gastric cancer mortality has been and is still significantly higher than that recorded in western coastal areas and in the city of florence (low risk areas). high-risk areas also showed higher helicobacter pylori seroprevalence. aim of this paper is to study g ...200819267093
gstt1 and gstm1 gene polymorphisms and gastric cancer in a high-risk italian population.glutathione s-transferases (gsts) are a family of phase ii enzymes involved in the detoxification of potential carcinogens and provided of a strong antioxidant function by neutralizing electrophiles and free radicals. the gstm1 and gstt1 isoenzymes exhibit deletion polymorphisms, resulting in a lack of activity, and the null genotypes have been associated with increased cancer risk at several sites, including the stomach, although with contrasting results. we carried out a case-control study to ...200515688399
gastric cancer surveillance in a high-risk population in tuscany (central italy): preliminary results.background/aims: the surveillance of subjects at high risk for developing gastric cancer (gc) may represent an effective strategy for reducing specific morbidity and mortality. the aim of this study was to identify gc at its initial phase and to identify precancerous lesions in a group of gc high-risk subjects. methods: we enrolled first-degree relatives of patients affected by gc who resided in a gc high-risk area (tuscany, central italy). the study's protocol included the collection of several ...201121494036
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