occurrence of helicobacter pylori dna in the coastal environment of southern italy (straits of messina).the occurrence of helicobacter pylori in the coastal zone of the straits of messina (italy) as free-living and associated with plankton was studied.200515715881
prevalence of virulence-associated genotypes of helicobacter pylori and correlation with severity of gastric pathology in patients from western sicily, a bacterium like helicobacter pylori, which is characterized by a recombinant population structure, the associated presence of genes encoding virulence factors might be considered an expression of a selective advantage conferred to strains with certain genotypes and, therefore, a potentially useful tool for predicting the clinical outcome of infections. however, differences in the geographical and ethnic prevalence of the h. pylori virulence-associated genotypes can affect their clinical pred ...200918958508
from the alps to sicily: a panorama of italian lymphomas. 200919446506
resistance to clarithromycin and genotypes in helicobacter pylori strains isolated in sicily.the resistance of helicobacter pylori strains to clarithromycin is increasing in several developed countries and their association with a genetic pattern circulation has been variously explained as related to different geographical areas. in this study we have reported: the prevalence of the resistance of h. pylori, isolated in sicily, to clarithromycin; the principal point of mutation associated with this resistance; and the more frequent association between resistance to clarithromycin and cag ...201526338221
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