do dogs harbour risk factors for human breast cancer?we ask consulting patients regularly whether they keep pets in order to identify zoonotic factors. it became apparent that patients with breast carcinoma (n=69) owned significantly more often dogs but not cats compared to age matched female controls. we compared the frequencies of dog and pet ownership with data from public available statistics on women (n=1320) of the same age group in bavaria. the most striking result was that more than twice the number of patients kept dogs permanently in the ...200616516398
seroprevalence of helicobacter pylori in german infants and children.the purpose of the study was to evaluate the serological prevalence of helicobacter pylori (h. pylori) infection during infancy and childhood in germany.19979421119
[prevalence of helicobacter pylori and gastritis in southern germany. results of a representative cross-sectional study].the recent discussions about the relationship between helicobacter-pylori-infection, gastritis and the occurrence of stomach cancer caused us to analyse blood sera of 543 participants randomly selected from the general population in the age of 25 to 34 and of 55 to 64 years from mosbach (neckar-odenwald-kreis), the county of deggendorf (lower-bavaria) and augsburg (upper-bavaria) regarding igg-antibodies against helicobacter pylori and the concentrations of the pepsinogens a and c. the latter we ...19938379230
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