helicobacter pylori and functional dyspepsia. what to do after the maastricht ii consensus meeting?despite many clinical studies, there is still much discussion on the relation between helicobacter pylori and functional dyspepsia.200212408499
[indications for the eradication of helicobacter pylori. reflections on the maastricht consensus conference]. 19989549200
dyspepsia management in primary care in the netherlands: to what extent is helicobacter pylori diagnosis and treatment incorporated? results from a survey among general practitioners in the netherlands.many guidelines on the management of helicobacter pylori (hp)-related dyspepsia have been launched over the past decade. the suggested policies in these guidelines are often more consensus- than evidence-based (test-and-treat policy, test and endoscope), which may cause confusion among primary-care physicians.200111549835
[report from an international consensus conference in maastricht. management and treatment of helicobacter pylori infection]. 200111293128
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