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chronic gastritis and helicobacter pylori infection in university college hospital ibadan, nigeria--a study of 85 fibre optic gastric biopsies.fibreoptic endoscopic gastric biopsy, has revealed that chronic gastritis is not only of a complex aetiological background, but also varied topographical distribution and other clinico-pathological associations. by far, the most important aetiologic association of chronic gastritis is chronic infection by the bacillus helicobacter pylori. this study aims to highlight some of the histopathological associations between this bacterium and chronic gastritis.200415523864
the most appropriate site for endoscopic biopsy for the detection of h. pylori among nigerians in ibadan.helicobacter pylori is a significant aetiological factor for acid peptic diseases and gastric cancer. detection of the organism in gastric mucosal biopsies is important, hence the need to ascertain the optimal site for biopsy that will facilitate identification of the organism.200617402513
prevalence of helicobacter pylori among nigerian patients with dyspepsia in ibadan.determination of the true prevalence of helicobacter pylori (h. pylori) is difficult in a hyper-endemic area like nigeria with use of serological tests because of their low discriminatory power between previous and current infections. the use of biopsy based methods will go a long way to mitigate this problem. we investigated the prevalence of h. pylori in dyspeptic patients and its relationship with gastroduodenal pathologies using gastric biopsy histology and rapid urease test.201021734925
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