[the prevalence, clinical and endoscopic characteristics of barrett esophagus in fujian].to investigate the incidence and clinical and endoscopic characteristics of barrett's esophagus (be) and the relationship between be and reflux esophagitis (re).200616780743
[distribution of caga 3' region, icea, vaca and hp0519 on helicobacter pylori isolated from china].this study was aimed to characterize the helicobacter pylori strains isolated from different geographic regions in china and different ethnic groups in yunnan province in terms of caga, icea, vaca and hp0519 genes which were proposed to be related to the pathogenesis.200617152512
serum pepsinogens, gastrin-17 and helicobacter pylori antibody in the residents of two cities in china with distinct mortality rates of gastric cancer.gastric cancer is one of the most common malignant tumors causing death in fujian province, china. however, the mortality of gastric cancer is greatly varied in different areas in fujian; for example, the mortality in changle city is 7.4 times higher than that in fuan city. in this study, we compared the differences in serological parameters, pepsinogen (pg) i, pg ii, gastrin-17 (g-17), and helicobacter pylori (h. pylori) antibody, between the two cities. it has been reported that low serum pg i ...201223117263
helicobacter pylori infection, mucosal atrophy and intestinal metaplasia in asian populations: a comparative study in age-, gender- and endoscopic diagnosis-matched is known that the incidence and mortality rate of gastric cancer is high among japanese and chinese populations, but extremely low in thai and vietnamese populations. the aim of this study was to investigate the prevalence of helicobacter pylori infection and the differences in the glandular atrophy and intestinal metaplasia scores in stomach specimens of asian adult subjects of different races.200312603614
eradication of helicobacter pylori and gastric cancer: experience in fujian province of china. 200516045600
helicobacter pylori eradication to prevent gastric cancer in a high-risk region of china: a randomized controlled trial.although chronic helicobacter pylori infection is associated with gastric cancer, the effect of h pylori treatment on prevention of gastric cancer development in chronic carriers is unknown.200414722144
differential helicobacter pylori infection rates in two contrasting gastric cancer risk regions of south china. china gastric cancer study group.carriers of helicobacter pylori are believed to have a three- to six-fold increased risk of developing gastric cancer. we have recently conducted a simultaneous cross-sectional population study on the prevalence of h. pylori infection in a cohort of asymptomatic adult volunteers in two contrasting gastric cancer risk regions of south china, hong kong and changle of fujian. their mean annual gastric cancer mortality has been approximately 7.5 and 75/100 000 population, respectively, since the beg ...199910029291
differences in the levels of gastric cancer risk factors between nanjing and minqing counties, fujian province, china, gastric cancer is one of the leading causes of mortality among all malignant tumors. nanjing county and minqing county are located in inland fujian and have similar general demographics. however, the adjusted mortality rate of gastric cancer in minqing was found to be much higher than that in nanjing. we sought to explore factors associated with this increased risk of gastric cancer between the two counties.201425284200
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