h. pylori management in asean: the bangkok consensus report.helicobacter pylori (h. pylori) infection remains to be the major cause of important upper gastrointestinal diseases such as chronic gastritis, peptic ulcer, gastric adenocarcinoma and mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue (malt) lymphoma. h. pylori management in asean: the bangkok consensus report gathered key opinion leaders for the region to review and evaluate clinical aspects of h. pylori infection and to develop consensus statements, rationales and grades of recommendation for the management o ...201728762251
prevalence of caga and vaca genotype of helicobacter pylori in thai children.seroprevalence of helicobacter pylori infection in children is variable according to geographical location and family sanitation. a previous study in bangkok showed an incidence of 25.5% in 1998. the higher incidence in the urban and rural area is predicted in lower economic classes and poor sanitation.200415825708
seroprevalence of helicobacter pylori infections in thailand.serologic studies in developed countries indicate that helicobacter (formerly campylobacter) pylori infection is uncommon until the third decade of life and achieves a peak prevalence of 50% in the seventh decade. in developing countries the epidemiology of h. pylori has not well been described. a sensitive and specific serologic assay for h. pylori infection was validated in thai patients also studied by culture and histologic examination of biopsy specimens. the prevalence of h. pylori antibod ...19902345304
diagnostic approaches and treatment of peptic ulcer at chulalongkorn university hospital, bangkok.gastroscopy is the main investigative tool in the diagnosis of peptic ulcers in thailand. in spite of its potential diagnostic value, endoscopic biopsy for histologic diagnosis is reserved only for suspected malignant gastric ulcers. regarding treatment, duodenal ulcers can be treated satisfactorily with either low-dose antacid or one of the various h2-blockers, while gastric ulcers show a fairly good healing response to site-protective agents. further trials using potent acid inhibitors, antibi ...19911884956
stress, but not helicobacter pylori, is associated with peptic ulcer disease in a thai population.the purpose of this study was to clarify the relation between psychological and other risk factors, notably helicobacter pylori (h. pylori) infection, in contributing to the occurrence of peptic ulcer (pu) disease. a retrospective case-control study was conducted at siriraj hospital, bangkok from march to december 2000. seventy endoscopically diagnosed patients with new pu or peptic perforation were compared with 70 patients with other diseases as well as blood donors control matched for age and ...200312948263
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