helicobacter pylori detection and genotyping in gastric biopsy specimens from chennai patients (india).the aim of the present study was to investigate the prevalence of helicobacter pylori infection and the correlation between caga and vaca (mid-region) genotypes with different clinical outcomes from chennai, india, patients. biopsies from the antrum were taken to assess the current h. pylori status by histology, rapid urease test (rut), and pcr. the rut and pcr analyses were carried out on a single biopsy specimen. fasting sera were obtained from all patients and h. pylori status was determined ...200919295644
seroepidemiology of helicobacter pylori infection in an urban, upper class population in india, no true population-based seroepidemiological data on helicobacter pylori infection are available. serological studies have been done on hospital-based subjects chosen predominantly from lower socioeconomic strata.199910319535
geographical difference in antimicrobial resistance pattern of helicobacter pylori clinical isolates from indian patients: multicentric assess the pattern of antimicrobial resistance of helicobacter pylori isolates from peptic ulcer disease patients of chandigarh, delhi, lucknow, hyderabad and chennai in india, and to recommend an updated anti-h. pylori treatment regimen to be used in these areas.200314675265
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