[helicobacter pylori prevalence among patients with gastroduodenal diseases in kiev].it is for the first time in ukraine that a study has been made on the epidemiology of h. pylori infection among patients with disorders of the stomach and duodenum. the diagnosis of the infection was done with the aid of various invasive and noninvasive tests, 13c-urea breathing test, a unique for ukraine and countries of the western europe method of examination included. ascertained among the above category of patients was wide prevalence of h. pylori, which fact confirms its leading etiologica ...199910476645
[prevalence of helicobacter pylori among children and juveniles as evidenced by the 13c urea breath test].established in the examination of children and juveniles aged seven to eighteen years old (n = 332) resident in kiev with the aid of non-radioactive non-invasive 13c-urea breath test was a high incidence of helicobacter pylori (hp) infection (42.7%) in the kiev population of children and adolescents, that is similar to that recorded in poor countries and much higher than in rich ones. the prevalence of the hp infection has been found out to be age-associated, increasing as the years pass by. res ...200111692707
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