hpsa fecoprevalence in patients suspected to have helicobacter pylori infection in istanbul, turkey.this study aims to investigate the helicobacter pylori antigen in the stool samples of patients suspected to have h. pylori infection. it also aims to determine the fecoprevalence in different age groups and to look for the relationship between the clinical symptoms seen in patients and the existence of h. pylori. current information in turkey is insufficient.200515603992
the effect of helicobacter pylori and economic status on growth parameters and leptin, ghrelin, and insulin-like growth factor (igf)-i concentrations in was suggested that gastric colonization with helicobacter pylori (h. pylori) was associated with suboptimal nutrition and growth in childhood. furthermore, several studies indicated a relationship between h. pylori colonization and alterations in the circulating levels of growth-related molecules (grm). accordingly, in this study, we investigate the effect of h. pylori infection on grms and on the growth of healthy school children, taking into consideration the effect of their economic status ...201121241414
comparison of two different stool antigen tests for the primary diagnosis of helicobacter pylori infection in turkish patients with assess the reliability of two different enzyme immunoassays in detecting the helicobacter pylori status in stool specimens of turkish patients with dyspepsia.200415610080
endoscopic diagnoses and clo test results in 9239 cases, prevalence of helicobacter pylori in istanbul, turkey.helicobacter pylori is implicated in the etiology of gastric and duodenal ulcer, non-ulcer dispepsia, atrophic gastritis, gastric adenocarcinoma and lymphoma.200717914939
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