outcome of intestinal metaplasia in gastric biopsy of patients with dyspepsia in guilan province, north is generally accepted that gastric carcinomas are preceded by a sequential multistage process that includes chronic gastritis, gastric atrophy, usually with intestinal metaplasia (im), and dysplasia. this series of changes in gastric carcinogenesis is often initiated by helicobacter pylori (h pylori) infection. the aim of the present study was determination of gastric histopathologic changes in im patients after at least one year in guilan province, iran.201323886143
a randomized trial comparing four helicobacter pylori eradication regimens: standard triple therapy, ciprofloxacin based triple therapy, quadruple and sequential therapy.helicobacter pylori infection is found in at least 80% of people in developing countries. this randomized controlled trial was performed to evaluate the efficacy of 4 different h. pylori eradication regimens in iranian patients.201021568147
recurrence of helicobacter pylori infection 1 year after successful eradication: a prospective study in northern iran.the aim was to investigate the h. pylori recurrence rate one year after successful eradication in dyspeptic patients in guilan province, northern iran.201020190685
anti caga antibody among patients with non-cardia gastric cancer in comparison with non-ulcer dyspepsia in an area with high incidence of gastric evaluate the correlation between anti caga antibody (ab) and presence of gastric cancer.200818998010
screening of precancerous gastric lesions by serum pepsinogen, gastrin-17, anti-helicobacter pylori and anti- caga antibodies in dyspeptic patients over 50 years old in guilan province, north of iran.the aim of this study was to investigate the value of serum gastric markers to differentiate between patients with precancerous lesions and nonatrophic chronic gastritis.201425292040
gastric precancerous lesions in first degree relatives of patients with known gastric cancer: a cross-sectional prospective study in guilan province, north of patients with gastric cancer, the most frequently reported family history of cancer also involves the stomach. the aim of this study was to assess the presence of gastric precancerous lesions in first-degree relatives of patients with gastric cancer and to compare the obtained results with those of individuals with no such family history.201222901121
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