an update of laboratory diagnosis of helicobacter pylori in the kingdom of saudi arabia.helicobacter pylori is a micro-aerophilic, slow-growing, gram-negative spiral bacterium that colonizes the mucous lining of the human stomach. infection with this bacterium has been identified as a cause of gastritis, peptic ulcer disease, and gastric mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue lymphoma. globally, the prevalence of h. pylori-related infection is high compared to any other infectious diseases, and the rate of prevalence much higher in developing countries than in developed nations. this re ...201526322871
endoscopic evaluation of upper abdominal symptoms in adult patients, saudi aramco-ai hasa health center, saudi arabia.upper oesophago-gastro-duodenoscopies (ugi endoscopies) were performed on adult patients who attended saudi aramco health centre at al hasa, saudi arabia, between june 1986 and december 1993, with complaint of upper abdominal pain. during this period, three hundred and fifteen (315) patients were examined. sixty one percent were females and the rest males. peptic ulcer disease including gastritis was the most common diagnosis made. helicobacter pylori-like organisms were documented historically ...200212081333
pattern of upper gastrointestinal disease in the eastern province of saudi arabia. endoscopic evaluation of 2,982 patients.the records of 2,982 patients who were subjected to upper gastrointestinal (ugi) endoscopy were retrospectively analyzed. all patients were seen at king fahd hospital of the university, al-khobar during the period 1982-1986. all were adult patients with a mean age of 46 years, of whom two thousand nine (67.4%) were males. the commonest endoscopic diagnosis was chronic gastritis (21.4%) followed by duodenal ulcer (17%) and chronic oesophagitis (11.7%). of 1,256 biopsied patients a 'histologically ...19911750116
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