measles and rubella antibody response after measles-mumps-rubella vaccination in children with afebrile upper respiratory tract infection.the effect of concurrent afebrile viral upper respiratory tract infection (uri) on measles and rubella serum antibody response after measles-mumps-rubella (mmr) vaccination was determined in 580 1-year-old children, 369 with uri and 211 without uri, with the use of preimmunization and postimmunization sera. the presence of uri during the preceding 28 days, at the time of, or up to 7 days after immunization had no effect on the antibody response to either the measles or the rubella component of t ...19957658276
measles antibody seroprevalence rates among immunized inuit, innu and caucasian subjects.measles antibody seroprevalence was compared in innu, inuit, and caucasian peoples of northern newfoundland, canada, who were immunized with a single dose of m-m-r-ii (merck research laboratories) vaccine. healthy, volunteer schoolchildren (n = 606) were enrolled. measles antibody was measured with a whole virus measles-specific igg eia. native (innu and inuit) schoolchildren (n = 253) had a significantly higher seropositive rate (83%) after a single dose of measles vaccine compared to caucasian ...199910195789
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