possible influence of measles virus infection of cynomolgus monkeys on the outcome of the neurovirulence test for oral poliovirus vaccine.macaque monkeys are susceptible to measles infection which triggers temporary immuno-depression similar to the well known phenomenon in humans. it is known that feral monkeys become infected with measles virus when they are exposed to humans. since macaca mulatta and m. fascicularis are species used to assay the neurovirulence of oral poliovirus vaccine, the immunodepression caused by measles infection of the test monkeys could significantly alter the results of the neurovirulence test. the seru ...19921319180
studies on attenuated measles-virus vaccines in canada.this paper describes the results of a study of live attenuated measles vaccines (one in a series of who-sponsored field trials) carried out in children 6-33 months old at an orphanage in quebec city. the enders edmonston b vaccine alone and the same vaccine administered with gamma-globulin were compared with the schwarz further-attenuated vaccine. the over-all seroconversion rates were found to be 96.9%, 98.1% and 98.8% respectively. severe clinical reactions, except for high fever, were not obs ...19655294304
american society for virology-23rd annual meeting. vaccines and antiviral agents 10-14 july 2004, montreal canada. 200415470595
performance and reliability of the enzygnost measles enzyme-linked immuno-sorbent assay for detection of measles virus-specific immunoglobulin m antibody during a large measles epidemic.evaluation of the enzygnost measles enzyme-linked immuno-sorbent assay kit (behring) performance to detect specific immunoglobulin m (igm) was carried out with 3,297 single serum samples and 898 paired serum samples collected during a measles epidemic (10,184 reported cases) in quebec, canada. anti-measles igm and igg were detected by using the enzygnost kit with the appropriate conjugates. complement-fixing (cf) antibody (ab) titers were assessed by the laboratory branch complement fixation mic ...19921551971
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