analysis of a measles epidemic; possible role of vaccine failures.a measles epidemic occurred in the greensville (ont.) unit schools during january and february 1975. there were 47 cases of measles in 403 students: 26 (55%) of the children had a history of being vaccinated and 18 (38%) had not been vaccinated. among children known to have been vaccinated at less than 1 year of age 7 of 13 contracted measles, while among the 48 children who had not been vaccinated 18 contracted measles. the attack rate among vaccinees increased with increasing time since vaccin ...19751192310
possible influence of measles virus infection of cynomolgus monkeys on the outcome of the neurovirulence test for oral poliovirus vaccine.macaque monkeys are susceptible to measles infection which triggers temporary immuno-depression similar to the well known phenomenon in humans. it is known that feral monkeys become infected with measles virus when they are exposed to humans. since macaca mulatta and m. fascicularis are species used to assay the neurovirulence of oral poliovirus vaccine, the immunodepression caused by measles infection of the test monkeys could significantly alter the results of the neurovirulence test. the seru ...19921319180
parameterizing state-space models for infectious disease dynamics by generalized profiling: measles in ontario.parameter estimation for infectious disease models is important for basic understanding (e.g. to identify major transmission pathways), for forecasting emerging epidemics, and for designing control measures. differential equation models are often used, but statistical inference for differential equations suffers from numerical challenges and poor agreement between observational data and deterministic models. accounting for these departures via stochastic model terms requires full specification o ...201021084339
viral infections of toronto children during 1965: ii. measles encephalitis and other complications.among 16 cases of measles encephalitis observed in toronto during 1964 and 1965, including six who were stuporous or comatose on admission and five who presented with convulsions, measles virus was isolated from csf of one patient, rising titres of measles antihemagglutinin were detected in another patient, and 14 showed high antibody titres in sera collected as early as two to five days after onset of the measles rash. increasing levels of measles antibody were detected in paired sera from thre ...19664952371
local public health response to vaccine-associated measles: case report.the most appropriate public health approach to vaccine-associated measles in immunocompromised patients is unknown, mainly because these cases are rare and transmission of vaccine-associated measles has not been previously documented. in this case report, we describe peel public health's response to a vaccine-associated measles case in an immunocompromised child in ontario, canada.201323531102
an antibody survey of children in an ottawa public school. 19734354331
measles outbreak with unique virus genotyping, ontario, canada, 2015.the province of ontario continues to experience measles virus transmissions despite the elimination of measles in canada. we describe an unusual outbreak of measles in ontario, canada, in early 2015 that involved cases with a unique strain of virus and no known association among primary case-patients. a total of 18 cases of measles were reported from 4 public health units during the outbreak period (january 25-march 23, 2015); none of these cases occurred in persons who had recently traveled. de ...201728628461
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