loss maternally derived measles immunity in argentinian infants.measles immunization of children at 1 year of age with a single dose of the current vaccine has successfully reduced measles incidence in argentina. however, the optimal schedule of measles vaccination of young infants would balance the risk of early loss of maternal antibody in the majority of infants with the risk of primary vaccine failure because of passive measles immunity. this study is the first to document a significant association between loss of passive measles antibody and age among i ...19989576386
[resurgence of measles in the province of cordoba, argentina, in 2000].since 1993, ministers of health of countries of america established as a goal the eradication of measles by the year 2000. as a consequence of measles eradication vaccination strategy there has been a reduction in the incidence of reported cases. despite that, measles has continued occurring in epidemic outbreaks in many argentinian provinces. this paper describes and analyzes the outbreak which occurred at córdoba province, in 2000. out of 46 serum samples analyzed from suspected cases, 6 (13.3 ...200111833255
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