measles resurgence in argentina: 1997-8 outbreak.epidemiological and clinical findings from 1162 serologically confirmed measles cases occurring in buenos aires, argentina in 1997 and 1998 were retrospectively reviewed. from 90 hospitalized children, measles virus was detected by direct rt-pcr from nasopharyngeal secretions. patients were grouped as follows: (i) not vaccinated: infants < 12 months; (ii) regularly vaccinated: children 1-4 years not covered by the last catch-up; (iii) catch-up vaccinated: patients 5-19 years immunized during the ...200010813155
[age-related loss of maternal antibodies against measles in children in la plata].measles outbreaks every 3-4 years have occurred in argentina. the vaccine was introduced in 1978 as part of a regular program, and the age for the first vaccination was changed to one year old. the optimal age for first measles vaccination is defined as that age with the highest proportion of infants responding to the vaccine. it is dependent on the presence of maternal antibodies against measles virus and the maturation of the immune system. this paper reports the loss of maternal antibodies in ...200312920993
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