[must we expect an epidemic of measles in the near future in southern tyrol?].measles, mumps and rubella (mmr) vaccination is recommended in italy. a country-wide study of the 1996 birth cohort revealed that coverage with mmr vaccine in the autonomous province of bolzano is the third lowest in italy (after campania and calabria). the aim of the study was to evaluate the situation regarding measles in order to plan and implement necessary strategies. to assess mmr vaccine coverage, routine vaccination data were evaluated for quality and validity, and subsequently mmr cover ...200315508782
assessment of measles incidence, measles-related complications and hospitalisations during an outbreak in a southern italian region.a large measles epidemic occurred in 2002 in campania, a region of southern italy with inadequate vaccination coverage. we evaluated the burden of the outbreak in children <15 years of age using different data sources. the measles standardized incidence rate was 5,757/100,000, corresponding to 63,368 estimated cases (95% ci: 59,544--67,373). measles virus strains were identified as belonging to the d7 genotype. the estimated complication rate was 7.6%. a total of 972 measles hospitalisations wer ...200616219394
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