the present prophylactic trends of rubella and measles.starting from the epidemiological investigation on a sample of 22.560 subjects of different chronological age classes in the latium region with the research of hemoagglutinoinhibiting antibodies of the rubella virus, and of 9.800 subjects with the research of hemoagglutinoinhibiting antibodies of the measles virus, the authors observe that the diffusion of the seroprotection presents on an average 82.5% for rubella and 79.8% for measles. on the strength of the results, referred also according to ...1979555675
description of two measles outbreaks in the lazio region, italy (2006-2007). importance of pockets of low vaccine coverage in sustaining the infection.despite the launch of the national plan for measles elimination, in italy, immunization coverage remains suboptimal and outbreaks continue to occur. two measles outbreaks, occurred in lazio region during 2006-2007, were investigated to identify sources of infection, transmission routes, and assess operational implications for elimination of the disease.201020219143
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