[age of measles vaccination in lombardy from the results of a seroepidemiological survey in milan].in view of the introduction of measles vaccination in lombardy and since the age of vaccination is of paramount importance, measles h.i.a. were titrated in sera from 209 children between 0 and 6 years of age (of whom 171/0--2) and from 40 woman in the child-bearing age. as it could be expected from the high prevalence of adults with antibody (95%), 90% of umbelical cord sera have h.ia.,, over 50% of children 15 days-3 months of age are still positive and afterwards the positivity decreases progr ...1978570046
[evaluation of the immune status against the viruses of measles, mumps, rubella, and hepatitis b in a cohort of students from the province of como].immunity status to measles, mumps, rubella and type b hepatitis (hb) viruses was studied in a cohort of 83 teen-agers (13-14 years). the vaccination against these agents is optional in italy. out of 83 subjects none had been vaccinated against measles, mumps and hb viruses, while 31 had had rubella vaccination. the percentage of seronegative adolescents was 2% for measles, 25% for mumps and 10% for rubella among unvaccinated teen-agers. these data suggest that even adolescent could be a target f ...19892483899
measles re-emergence in northern italy: pathways of measles virus genotype d8, 2013-2014.molecular surveillance and advanced phylogenetic methods are important tools to track the pathways of measles virus (mv) genotypes, provide evidence for the interruption of endemic transmission and verify the elimination of the disease. the aims of this study were to describe the genetic profile of mv genotype d8 (d8-mv) strains circulating in northern italy (lombardy region) during the 2013-2014 period and to analyze the transmission chains and estimate the introduction time points using a phyl ...201727989661
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