use of a microquantity enzyme immunoassay in a large-scale study of measles, mumps and rubella immunity in italy.the seroprevalence of antibodies to measles, mumps, and rubella viruses (mmr) was determined in 1498 subjects in catania, italy, ranging in age from 1 month to 25 years. the study population was divided into seven age groups and screened by enzyme immunoassay using microquantities (10 microl) of whole blood collected by fingerprick on filter paper discs. the results showed that seroconversion for measles (87.6%) and mumps (73.2%) occurred between 6 and 10 years of age. the seroprevalence of anti ...19989512184
[serological assay of measles and rubella immunity in a sample of infantile population in palermo (author's transl)].the antibodies to measles and rubella viruses were titrated in a sample of infantile population in palermo in 1978. measles antibodies were investigated in 900 children aged 0-15 years by the hi test; rubella antibodies in 120 girls aged 12-14 years by the hemolysis-in-gel test. a "saturation" level of immunity against measles virus as can be found in the adult population appeared to be attained at the age of 12-13 years. at this age however, about 28% of the girls were still not immunized again ...19807247483
post-vaccine measles in a child with concomitant influenza, sicily, italy, march 2015.we describe the occurrence of measles in an 18 month-old patient in sicily, italy, in march 2015, who received the first dose of a measles-containing vaccine seven days before onset of prodromal symptoms. measles virus infection was confirmed by pcr and detection of specific immunoglobulin; viral genotyping permitted the confirmation of a vaccine-associated illness. the patient had a concurrent influenza virus infection, during a seasonal epidemic outbreak of influenza.201526027483
characterization of measles virus strains circulating in southern italy (palermo area, sicily) between 2010 and 2011.measles virus (mv) was classified in 24 genotypes that show a distinct geographic distribution. genotypes contain multiple distinct lineages. in 2011 large outbreaks of measles occurred in italy and in many european countries. aims of this study are to analyze the intra-genotype variability and to follow the importation and the spread of new mv strains in sicily. a fragment of 450 bps of mv c-terminal nucleoprotein was sequenced from sera of 73 sicilian patients with symptomatic measles infectio ...201626723918
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