risk factors for undervaccination against measles in a large sample of preschool children from rural bavaria.due to insufficient vaccination rates, measles outbreaks still pose a threat to public health in germany. the purpose of this study was to identify risk factors for undervaccination against measles.200415188070
Measles transmission from an anthroposophic community to the general population, Germany 2008.In Germany, measles vaccination coverage with two doses is not yet sufficient to prevent regional outbreaks. Among the 16 German federal states, vaccination coverage was lowest in Bavaria with 85% in 2008. From March to mid-April 2008, four neighbouring Bavarian counties reported 55 measles-cases mostly linked to an ongoing measles outbreak in an anthroposophic school in Austria. We investigated this outbreak to guide future public health action.201121676265
two outbreaks of measles in germany 2005.measles re-emerged in some counties in germany in 2005, despite increasing vaccination coverage rates in children at school entry in recent years, which had led to decreasing incidence (with the lowest incidence ever recorded, 0.2 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in 2004). regional outbreaks have been detected by the mandatory reporting system in the states of hesse and bavaria. although both outbreaks led to similar incidences in the affected areas (14 and 12 cases respectively per 100,000 inhabit ...200616645244
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