[report on the etiology of virus diseases. 1st quarter 1968. 3]. 19684314370
[results and evaluation of live measles virus immunization in the capital of berlin and the districts of potsdam, leipzig, schwerin during january 1965]. 19655863344
large measles outbreak introduced by asylum seekers and spread among the insufficiently vaccinated resident population, berlin, october 2014 to august 2015.the largest measles outbreak in berlin since 2001 occurred from october 2014 to august 2015. overall, 1,344 cases were ascertained, 86% (with available information) unvaccinated, including 146 (12%) asylum seekers. median age was 17 years (interquartile range: 4-29 years), 26% were hospitalised and a 1-year-old child died. measles virus genotyping uniformly revealed the variant 'd8-rostov-don' and descendants. the virus was likely introduced by and initially spread among asylum seekers before af ...201728857043
measles outbreak spreading from the community to an anthroposophic school, berlin, 2011.between april and july 2011 there was an outbreak of measles virus, genotype d4, in berlin, germany. we identified 73 case-patients from the community and among students of an anthroposophic school, who participated in a 4-day school trip, as well as their family and friends. overall, 27% were aged ≥ 20 years, 57% were female and 15% were hospitalized. of 39 community case-patients, 38% were aged ≥ 20 years, 67% were female and 63% required hospitalization. unvaccinated students returning from t ...201423823129
the influence of measles vaccination on the incidence of otosclerosis in germany.the pathologic process of otosclerosis is characterized by an inflammatory lytic phase followed by an abnormal bone remodeling at very specific sites of predilection. there is a clear genetic predisposition with about half of all cases occurring in families with more than one affected member. females are affected more frequently than males with an approximate 2:1 ratio. n, h, and f measles proteins as well as measles virus rna have been demonstrated in osteoblasts, chondroblasts, and macrophages ...200717297608
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