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multiple sclerosis in the orkney and shetland islands. iv: viral antibody titres and viral infections.a controlled serologic survey of antibody titres to 17 viruses was undertaken in multiple sclerosis patients in the orkney and shetland islands. no consistent pattern of elevated antibody titre levels or the presence of antibody was noted in patients compared with two control groups. because of the isolation of these islands, the mean age at acquisition of common childhood infections, including measles, was considerably older than that of inhabitants of europe and the united states of america. t ...19807241024
declining incidence of multiple sclerosis in the orkney islands.the incidence of ms in the orkney islands has been updated from 1941 to september 21, 1983. since 1965, ms incidence rates have fallen significantly when compared with those for 1941 to 1964. alterations in age-specific prevalence, mean duration of illness, and mean age of the ms population are consistent with the decline in incidence of ms in recent years. although the reason for the decreasing incidence is uncertain, it is consistent with the hypothesis that ms may be caused by canine distempe ...19853982640
disease conditions affecting common seals (phoca vitulina) around the scottish mainland, september-november 1988.common seal populations around the scottish coast were less severly devastated by phocine distemper than those on the continent. nevertheless, over a 4-month period, 59 common seals were examined postmortem. the macroscopic and histopathological lesions are described. forty-two per cent of these seals were considered to be suffering from phocine distemper. serology on 29 of the 59 seals was undertaken and the results are discussed in relation to the histopathological findings. bordetella bronchi ...19921594936
measles, mumps, rubella antibody surveillance: pilot study in grampian, scotland.the prevalence of measles, mumps and rubella antibodies for ages over six months was obtained using a stratified random sample of stored sera submitted in 1988 prior to the implementation of mmr vaccine. besides reflecting the different vaccination policies for the three viruses the results showed that males display earlier sero-conversion for all three infections and a higher proportion of older males are susceptible. two-thirds of children aged 6-15 months had antibodies to measles, the majori ...19921612895
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