[measles in two children and one adult--outbreak of measles genotype b3].measles virus genotype b3 was isolated from patients during a measles outbreak in copenhagen starting january 2006. here we describe three cases: two children aged 9 and 22 months, respectively, and a 29-year-old man. all three patients were hospitalised. several doctors examined both the children before the diagnosis of measles was established. the patients were not vaccinated against measles. they had not been abroad within the last three weeks. genotype b3 is endemic in west and central afric ...200616729931
does cross-sex transmission increase the severity of polio infection? a study of multiple family cases.previous studies have suggested that transmission of measles virus from the opposite sex increases the severity of infection; however, the role of gender in the transmission of other infections has not been examined. multiple polio cases within a family usually occur simultaneously, and are therefore likely to be secondary to a common subclinical index case. the few clinical polio cases that appear much later than any other clinical case are likely to be tertiary cases. if cross-sex transmission ...200212064690
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