interruption of measles transmission in gipuzkoa (basque country), spain.measles vaccine was introduced in gipuzkoa (basque country, spain) in 1978 and was replaced by the measles, mumps, and rubella (mmr) vaccine for children aged 12-15 months in 1981. a second dose of the mmr vaccine was introduced in 1992. both doses of the mmr vaccine were well accepted by the population and high coverage was achieved (95% and 91% for the first and second doses respectively for the period 1993-2002). measles virus circulation was interrupted in the second half of the 1990s: no ca ...200415208472
measles genotypes d4 and g3 reintroduced by multiple foci after 15 years without measles virus circulation, gipuzkoa, the basque country, spain, march to june 2011.during a three-month period in spring 2011, 23 cases of measles occurred in seven independent outbreaks in a region in spain with around 700,000 inhabitants, where the disease had been eliminated since 1997. high vaccination coverage and rapid diagnosis allowed implementation of containment measures and this prevented spread of the disease. except for the first outbreak which affected 10 cases, each of the other six outbreaks caused a maximum of three secondary cases.201122085599
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