epidemiology of two large measles virus outbreaks in catalonia: what a difference the month of administration of the first dose of vaccine makes.measles cases in the european region have been increasing in the last decade; this illustrates the challenge of what we are now encountering in the form of pediatric preventable diseases. in catalonia, autochthonous measles was declared eliminated in the year 2000 as the result of high measles-mumps-rubella vaccine (mmr) coverage for first and second dose (15 mo and 4 y) since the mid-1990s. from then on, sporadic imported cases and small outbreaks appeared, until in 2006-2007 a large measles ou ...201323303107
prevalence of protective measles virus antibody levels in umbilical cord blood samples in catalonia, spain.the prevalence of protective antibody levels (>160 miu/ml) in neonates was 98.5%. the mean measles virus antibody level was 3,406 miu/ml and increased with maternal age. measles vaccination was reported by 42% of pregnant women and decreased with age.201020164254
large outbreak of measles in a community with high vaccination coverage: implications for the vaccination schedule.attempts to eliminate measles from a country or region may be disrupted by an imported case that affects indigenous persons. the objective of this study was to analyze epidemiological and clinical characteristics of a measles outbreak in catalonia, spain, in 2006.200818823269
critical prevalence of antibodies minimizing vaccination costs for hepatitis a, hepatitis b, varicella, measles and tetanus in adults and adolescents in catalonia, spain.the prevalence of seropositive individuals that makes costs of vaccinating all individuals equal to that for screening and vaccination of susceptible individuals is defined as the critical prevalence of antibodies (p*). screening and vaccination is more efficient when the prevalence of seropositive individuals (p) in the population is higher than p*. in this study, the formula to obtain p* was derived from the cost-effectiveness equations, showing that it depends on screening and vaccination cos ...200415364450
confirmed interruption of indigenous measles transmission in catalonia.from november 1998 to december 2000, 84 suspected measles cases were reported in catalonia (6 090 040 inhabitants). of the 73 laboratory tested cases (87%), 20 showed igm antibodies specific to measles and 3 were epidemiologically linked to a confirmed case. among these 23 confirmed cases, 13 were indigenous, the last two cases reported dating back from june 1999 and july 2000. these results confirm the success of the measles elimination programme implemented in 1998 in catalonia.200112631955
[eradication of measles. strategies in the autonomous community of catalonia]. 199910650754
[measles outbreak in barcelona. clinical and epidemiological characteristics].measles is an acute, highly contagious illness that affects humans, the only natural host. although effective attenuated virus vaccines exist for this disease, outbreaks continue to occur in susceptible subgroups. from august 2006 to july 2007, an outbreak of measles occurred in the barcelona (spain) area, resulting from an imported case. the aim of this study was to describe the clinical and epidemiological characteristics of children with microbiologically confirmed measles diagnosed at our ho ...201019664857
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