[seroprotection against hepatitis a, measles, rubella, and parotiditis in an urban school population].to find out the presence of hepatitis a antibodies (anti-ha) in an urban population of madrid, age ranging from 6 to 18 years. at the same time, the immunity level is evaluated with respect to measles, rubella and mumps in a sub-group aged between 6 and 13 years old.19911649358
sequence divergence of measles virus haemagglutinin during natural evolution and adaptation to cell culture.phylogenetic analysis of the sequence of the h gene of 75 measles virus (mv) strains (32 published and 43 new sequences) was carried out. the lineage groups described from comparison of the nucleotide sequences encoding the c-terminal regions of the n protein of mv were the same as those derived from the h gene sequences in almost all cases. the databases document a number of distinct genotype switches that have occurred in madrid (spain). well-documented is the complete replacement of lineage g ...19979010291
measles virus genotype circulation in spain after implementation of the national measles elimination plan 2001-2003.molecular characterization of measles virus is important for disease surveillance and for monitoring elimination of the virus throughout the world. furthermore, knowledge of genotype distribution in as many countries as possible, is useful for tracing the origin of a strain, especially in countries without endemic measles disease, where most cases are imported. data on genotypes circulating in spain from 1970 to 1997 showed the prevalence of genotypes c1, c2, and d6, with subsequent replacement ...200515543577
[serological markers of spanish and immigrant pregnant women in the south of madrid during the period 2007-2010].the prevalence and evolution of the markers including in the serologic profile of pregnant woman was studied in our hospital during a period of 4 years.201323817647
seroprevalence of measles and rubella virus antibodies in the population of the community of madrid, 2008-2009.the seroprevalence (sp) of measles and rubella virus antibodies is presented by age groups obtained in the iv serosurvey of the region of madrid (2008-2009). the target population is composed of residents with ages ranging between 2 and 60 years in the region of madrid. a two-stage cluster sample is used. the sp of measles virus antibodies is 97.8% (ci 95%: 97.3-98.2). the highest sp is observed in the 2-5 year and 41-60 year age groups. the point estimate does not reach 95% in the 16-20 and 21- ...201525957894
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