[measles seroprevalence in the schoolchildren of valencia. the measles study group].people born between 1978 and 1982 were the most affected by measles in the outbreaks occurring in the valencian community (spain) in 1993. this age group has not been systematically immunized against measles and has not suffered the last large measles epidemics. hypothesis: global seroprevalence against measles in this age group is inadequate to prevent new outbreaks.19957494436
measles virus genotype circulation in spain after implementation of the national measles elimination plan 2001-2003.molecular characterization of measles virus is important for disease surveillance and for monitoring elimination of the virus throughout the world. furthermore, knowledge of genotype distribution in as many countries as possible, is useful for tracing the origin of a strain, especially in countries without endemic measles disease, where most cases are imported. data on genotypes circulating in spain from 1970 to 1997 showed the prevalence of genotypes c1, c2, and d6, with subsequent replacement ...200515543577
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