measles antibodies in the breast milk of nursing mothers.a total of 216 breast milk samples collected from nursing mothers and corresponding numbers of finger prick sera from their suckling babies were tested for measles antibodies. fifty (22.1%) of the nursing mothers had antibody while 38 (16.8%) of the sera were positive for measles haemagglutinating (hi) antibodies. forty-one (18.9%) breast milk samples were found to contain measles complement fixing (cf) antibody while none of the serum samples from the suckling babies had cf antibody. only 12 of ...19958886155
molecular epidemiology of nigerian and ghanaian measles virus isolates reveals a genotype circulating widely in western and central africa.sub-saharan africa is one of the regions of the globe with the highest measles-related morbidity and mortality. yet only seven virus isolates from this vast region have been phylogenetically characterized on the basis of their nucleoprotein, the last one in 1991. to characterize the prevalent wild-type viruses and to understand their circulation pattern, a large panel (n = 45) of isolates was collected in ghana and nigeria in 1997 and 1998. on the basis of their nucleoprotein sequence, the virus ...199910211955
herd immunity to measles virus in a population of student nurses and medical students following a widespread outbreak of clinical measles in ibadan, nigeria.following an outbreak of serologically--and virologically--confirmed measles requiring large-scale hospitalisation of children in ibadan, nigeria, the herd immunity to measles virus among medical students and student nurses was determined. of the 200 students tested, none lacked haemagglutination--inhibiting antibody to measles virus. the titre of hi--antibody ranged from 2(5) to 2(10). describing a titre of 2(9) as very high, a significantly higher proportion of student nurses than medical stud ...200011391847
measles outbreak in ibadan: clinical, serological and virological identification of affected children in selected outbreak of measles was investigated in four selected hospitals in ibadan using clinical, serological and virological methods to identify the affected children. a total of 25 children who were either vaccinated or not vaccinated were involved. signs and symptoms were, however, more severe among the non-vaccinated children. measles virus was successfully isolated from three of the children, confirming that the measles virus was involved in the outbreak. serological tests using both haemaggluti ...19979459395
isolation of nigerian strains of measles virus.we have recently succeeded in isolating two measles viruses, ibn h13153 and ibn h13154 from the peripheral lymphocytes of two unvaccinated 9 and 12 month old outpatient children at the institute of child health, university college hospital ibadan, nigeria. the viruses have undergone six serial passages in b95a and vero cell lines where characteristic measles cytopathic effects (cpe) have been noticed. the viruses have been confirmed to be measles by haemagglutination inhibition (hi) test and the ...19979257547
low seroconversion rates to measles vaccine among children in nigeria.the nigerian expanded programme on immunization (epi) was assessed with particular reference to measles immunization. of 150 children who received measles vaccine at the institute of child health, university of ibadan, nigeria, 82 (54.7%) seroconverted. the immune response was directly related to the titre of the vaccines used. vaccines whose titres were 10(-1) to 10(1.7) stimulated immune responses in 0-25% of vaccinees, those with titres in the range 10(-2.1) to 10(-2.5) stimulated responses i ...19921394778
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