measles virus strains circulating in central and west africa: geographical distribution of two b3 remains one of the major reservoirs of measles infection. molecular epidemiological studies have permitted different measles virus isolates to be grouped into clades and genotypes; the major group, which has been identified as indigenous to africa, is clade b. the viruses from epidemics in the gambia (1993) and in the cameroon (2001) were examined. in both studies, the homogeneity of the virus isolates within the epidemic as shown by sequence analysis revealed less than 0.2% variation of ...200212226833
epidemiology of measles in the cameroons between 1984 and 1986: comparison of the effectiveness of different serological methods in rural regions.epidemiological studies were carried out in yaoundé and in ngaoundéré from 1984 to 1986, in an attempt to develop adequate methods of collecting blood from small children and of diagnosing measles appropriate to conditions in the field. alternative methods were necessary since classical methods used in modern laboratories are unsuitable in rural regions. each study was carried out on a representative sample of 6- to 36-months-old infected children seen at consultation. this group was chosen beca ...19911939512
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