measles outbreak in young adults in victoria, describe an outbreak of measles in victoria.200011149302
studies of measles viruses circulating in australia between 1999 and 2001 reveals a new genotype.nineteen distinct measles virus (mv) strains associated with nine different genotypes were identified in five australian states (victoria, new south wales, queensland, northern territory and western australia) between 1999 and 2001. one of the strains identified is likely to represent a new genotype within the clade d viruses (proposed to be d9). no evidence for an indigenous mv strain was found. when epidemiologic information associated with the index case was available for the outbreaks, it us ...200312573500
measles immunity and immunisation status in australian children 1 to 4 years of age.determine measles seropositivity and vaccine coverage in children aged 1 to 4 years inclusive. compare data in those who produced immunisation records and those who relied on parental recall. establish variables associated with seropositivity.200616630315
sustained measles elimination in australia and priorities for long term maintenance.we used the 2002 national serosurvey to evaluate a primary care-based young adult vaccination campaign, measure the reproductive number (r) and, together with vaccination coverage estimates, predict r until 2012. the campaign had no impact on immunity in young adults. r was estimated to be 0.69 and predicted to stay well below the epidemic threshold of 1 until at least 2012, indicating that australia should remain free of endemic measles in the medium term. to maintain elimination in the longer ...200717300858
vaccination and screening of medical students: results of a student health evaluate the immune status and vaccination needs of first-year medical students in relation to bloodborne viruses and common vaccine-preventable diseases.200818976187
residual susceptibility to measles among young adults in victoria, australia following a national targeted measles-mumps-rubella vaccination campaign.past measles immunisation policies in australia have resulted in a cohort of young adults who have been inadequately vaccinated, but who also have low levels of naturally acquired immunity because immunisation programs have decreased the circulation of wild virus. a measles-mumps-rubella (mmr) immunisation campaign aimed at addressing this susceptibility to measles among young adults was conducted in australia in 2001-2. by estimating age-specific immunity, we aimed to evaluate the success of th ...200717555601
nosocomial and community transmission of measles virus genotype d8 imported by a returning traveller from nepal.measles is uncommon in australia due to effective national vaccination strategies. in mid-2003, a cluster of nine cases of measles occurred in western sydney. the index case was a 29-year-old traveller recently returned from nepal. the case presented to hospital and transmitted the disease to two others in the emergency department. further cases resulted from both community and nosocomial transmission. the median age of cases was 24 years, with three cases in children aged under four years. only ...200617120490
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