novel measles virus genotype, east timor and australia.measles outbreaks in 1999 in queensland and victoria, australia, were caused by a novel strain of clade g virus (proposed name g3). epidemiologic and molecular evidence supports independent circulation of this virus in queensland, northern australia, in addition to importation of the virus by east timor refugees seeking safe haven in australia.200212095446
Evidence of Endemic Hendra Virus Infection in Flying-Foxes (Pteropus conspicillatus)-Implications for Disease Risk Management.This study investigated the seroepidemiology of Hendra virus in a spectacled flying-fox (Pteropus conspicillatus) population in northern Australia, near the location of an equine and associated human Hendra virus infection in late 2004. The pattern of infection in the population was investigated using a serial cross-sectional serological study over a 25-month period, with blood sampled from 521 individuals over six sampling sessions. Antibody titres to the virus were determined by virus neutrali ...201122194920
a measles outbreak in the whitsundays, queensland: the shape of things to come?this report describes a small outbreak of measles that occurred in the whitsunday region, north queensland, in july to august 2002. with one exception, all the cases were deliberately unvaccinated because their parents were conscientious objectors to vaccination. it is suggested that this pattern of measles outbreaks, with most cases being not preventable because of conscientious objection, will become increasingly recognised in the future.200212549531
subacute sclerosing panencephalitis (sspe): a report of 16 cases.sixteen cases of subacute sclerosing panencephalitis (sspe) were diagnosed at the royal children's and mater misericordiae children's hospitals in brisbane from september 1974 to june 1983. although the incidence of the disease with regard to age at onset, previous exposure to measles virus, and longevity was similar to that reported in the united states and europe, the frequency of the illness was substantially higher in the present study. the high frequency of the disease in queensland appears ...19846591904
immunity to hepatitis b, poliomyelitis and measles in fully vaccinated aboriginal and torres strait island determine the immunity to hepatitis b, poliomyelitis and measles in fully vaccinated aboriginal and torres strait island children in north queensland.19957576896
studies of measles viruses circulating in australia between 1999 and 2001 reveals a new genotype.nineteen distinct measles virus (mv) strains associated with nine different genotypes were identified in five australian states (victoria, new south wales, queensland, northern territory and western australia) between 1999 and 2001. one of the strains identified is likely to represent a new genotype within the clade d viruses (proposed to be d9). no evidence for an indigenous mv strain was found. when epidemiologic information associated with the index case was available for the outbreaks, it us ...200312573500
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