[newly isolated mink parvovirus strain].a new mink enteritis virus (mev) strain, called cherepanovo, was isolated in the novosibirsk region (west siberia). the level of this strain's accumulation in cell culture is lower than that of commercial mev strains rodniki or beregovoi. identification of cherepanovo strain by hemagglutination inhibition test, protein electrophoresis in denaturing polyacrylamide gel, and pcr showed its similarity to the previously described mev strains. comparative analysis of this strain's 5' and 3' nucleotide ...200212046466
measles cases in highly vaccinated population of novosibirsk, russia, 2000-2005.while the proportion of measles cases in vaccinees is expected to increase as vaccine coverage increases, such cases must be carefully investigated. the present study was conducted to examine possible contributions to vaccine failures (vfs) and to genetically characterize measles virus (mv) strains circulating in novosibirsk, russia during 2000-2005. totally, 27 adult measles patients admitted to a regional hospital were prospectively enrolled in our study. genetic characterization of the mv str ...200818343536
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