genetic characterization of contemporary wild-type measles viruses from vietnam and the people's republic of china: identification of two genotypes within clade h.genetic characterization was conducted on 17 wild-type measles viruses isolated near hanoi, vietnam, during 1998 as well as on eight viruses isolated in the hunan, hainan, shandong, and anhui provinces of the people's republic of china during 1995, 1998, and 1999. previous studies had shown that, compared to wild-type measles viruses found in other parts of the world, wild-type viruses from china were genetically distinct and comprised a new clade of viruses, clade h. in this study, sequence ana ...200111451490
[rapid identification of beijing measles vaccine virus and wild virus by multiplex real-time fluorescent pcr].to identify wild measles virus and vaccine virus by detection nucleic acid of clinical samples from measles patients with immunization history circulating in beijing through multiplex real-time fluorescent pcr technology.201223363872
clinical and immunological analysis of measles patients admitted to a beijing hospital in 2014 during an outbreak in the end of 2013, china reported a countrywide outbreak of measles. from january to may 2014, we investigated the clinical and immunological features of the cases of the outbreak admitted to our hospital. in this study, all 112 inpatients with clinically diagnosed measles were recruited from the 302 military hospital of china. the virus was isolated from throat swabs from these patients, and cytokine profiles were examined. by detecting the measles virus of 30 of the 112 patients, we found tha ...201627251754
[genotype of wild-type measles viruses circulating in beijing in 2003].to investigate genotype of wild-type measles viruses circulated in beijing in 2003.200616780715
nucleoprotein gene analysis of the wild-type measles viruses circulated in beijing in 2001. 200414733790
[survey on antibodies against measles virus and mumps virus in sera of children in beijing]. 19836641417
external quality assessment for the detection of measles virus by reverse transcription-pcr using armored recent years, nucleic acid tests for detection of measles virus rna have been widely applied in laboratories belonging to the measles surveillance system of china. an external quality assessment program was established by the national center for clinical laboratories to evaluate the performance of nucleic acid tests for measles virus. the external quality assessment panel, which consisted of 10 specimens, was prepared using armored rnas, complex of noninfectious ms2 bacteriophage coat protein ...201526244795
endemic and imported measles virus-associated outbreaks among adults, beijing, china, 2013, a resurgence of measles occurred in beijing, china. the outbreaks occurred among adults and were associated with endemic genotype h1 and imported genotype d8 viruses. migrant workers were disproportionately represented in the outbreaks; thus, vaccinating such workers against measles may be an effective strategy toward the elimination of this disease.201525695536
[investigation on measles cases of new genotype d8 in beijing, 2013].to investigate the epidemiological characteristics of measles cases of new genotype d8 in beijing from january to june, 2013.201324517945
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