genetic characterization of contemporary wild-type measles viruses from vietnam and the people's republic of china: identification of two genotypes within clade h.genetic characterization was conducted on 17 wild-type measles viruses isolated near hanoi, vietnam, during 1998 as well as on eight viruses isolated in the hunan, hainan, shandong, and anhui provinces of the people's republic of china during 1995, 1998, and 1999. previous studies had shown that, compared to wild-type measles viruses found in other parts of the world, wild-type viruses from china were genetically distinct and comprised a new clade of viruses, clade h. in this study, sequence ana ...200111451490
[the running status of chinese measles laboratory network in 2008].to evaluate the running status of measles laboratory network of china (hong kong, macao and taiwan were excluded) in 2008.200920077651
the first measles outbreak caused by imported genotype d9 measles virus in shandong province, china, 2013.this study represents a measles outbreak caused by the genotype d9 measles virus (mev), which was imported by burmese individuals. urine and throat swab specimens were collected from suspected measles cases. viruses were isolated, and a 634-bp target fragment of the n gene was amplified by reverse transcription-pcr and sequenced. phylogenetic results indicated that the 6 isolates belonged to genotype d9 mev. through appropriate prevention and control measures, the transmission of genotype d9 mev ...201425056078
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