[variations on hemagglutinin gene of zhejiang measles virus strains and differences with measles strains circulated both at home and abroad].to investigate the variations on hemagglutinin (h) gene of measles virus (mv) in zhejiang province, and to analyze the differences with strains circulated both at home and abroad.201324304954
[study on the genome sequence of measles viruses circulated in zhejiang province during 1999 to 2011].to study the genetic variations between measles vaccine strain s191 and strains that circulated in zhejiang province causing the epidemics during 1999 to 2011.201223290809
outbreak of coinfection with human metapneumovirus and measles virus resulting in the death of a child at a hospital in china.two children with different digestive diseases were admitted to the gastroenterology department of a children's hospital in hangzhou, zhejiang province, china, in may 2010. they manifested successively acute lower respiratory tract infection symptoms during their stay in the hospital. the epidemiologic and experimental evidence supports that one child acquired nosocomial coinfection with measles virus and human metapneumovirus from another child while they shared the same ward.201525690877
laboratory diagnosis of vaccine-associated measles in zhejiang province, china.along with the improving vaccine coverage, suspected vaccine-associated measles has been reported in zhejiang province, china. in order to maintain the accuracy of the measles surveillance system, it is critical to discriminate between measles vaccine and wild-type virus.201526698687
duration of immunity following immunization with live measles vaccine: 15 years of observation in zhejiang province, china.the duration of immunity following measles vaccination of 2882 immunized children has been investigated in a closed region of china for 15 years. a total of 1002 of the children were treated as primary immunization subjects, and 1547 as reimmunization subjects. these two cohorts were not in contact with known wild measles virus over the whole observation period, and the results obtained probably reflected the antibody responses to measles vaccine alone. the remaining 333 vaccinees came into cont ...19911934235
[genetic variation of phosphoprotein (p) gene from measles epidemic strains in zhejiang province.]objective: to investigate the genetic characteristics and variation within the phosphoprotein (p) gene of measles epidemic strains circulated in zhejiang province. methods: the whole sequence of p gene of the epidemic strains related to zhejiang measles virus during 1999 to 2008 was amplified, using the rt-pcr assay. pcr products were sequenced and compared with the sequences of measles vaccine and other epidemic strains. results: totally, 1524 nucleotides were sequenced from each epidemic strai ...201021162994
[the running status of chinese measles laboratory network in 2008].to evaluate the running status of measles laboratory network of china (hong kong, macao and taiwan were excluded) in 2008.200920077651
[comparative analysis of measles genome between vaccine strain and wild-type strain in zhejiang province of china].to explore the distinction between wild-type strain mvi/zhejiang, chn/7.05/4 and vaccine strain shanghai-191 at genome level.200920021855
[analysis on the genetic characteristics of the wide-type measles virus circulating in zhejiang province in 2005].to study the genetic characteristics of measles viruses circulating in zhejiang province in 2005.200616981336
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