measles & rubella outbreaks in maharashtra state, india.under the outbreak-based measles surveillance in maharashtra state the national institute of virology at pune receives 3-5 serum samples from each outbreak and samples from the local hospitals in pune for laboratory diagnosis. this report describes one year data on the measles and rubella serology, virus isolation and genotyping.201627121521
measles virus genotypes circulating in india, 2011-2015.the government of india is accepted to participate in the measles elimination and rubella control goal 2020, hence genetic characterization of measles viruses (mev) becomes essential. at national reference laboratory (national institute of virology, pune), the throat swabs/urine specimens (nā€‰=ā€‰380) or pcr products (nā€‰=ā€‰219) obtained from the suspected measles cases were referred for the molecular testing and subsequently, mev nucleoprotein (n) gene sequencing/genotyping. in addition, 2,449 suspe ...201727696485
acute renal failure with neurological involvement in adults associated with measles virus isolation.three people with clinical manifestations of acute renal failure with neurological involvement of unknown cause were admitted to a hospital in mumbai, india. we describe clinical presentations and investigations of the cause.199910501362
igg & igm antibodies against measles virus in unvaccinated infants from pune: evidence for subclinical infections.igg and igm class of antibodies to measles virus were estimated in the plasma samples of 211 unvaccinated infants living under overcrowded conditions in pune, maharashtra. igg antibodies to measles virus, in high titres, were detected in 52.1 per cent and igm antibodies in 31.3 per cent of the infants studied. most of the infants with igm antibodies to measles virus had not suffered from an attack of measles. a history of contact with an older child with overt measles was available for 13.3 per ...19957883277
seroepidemiology of measles in bombay. 19724663234
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