low antibody response in infants with measles and children with subclinical measles virus infection.during a measles epidemic (december 1979-march 1980) in two adjacent villages in tamil nadu, 78 of 143 under-fives were affected, eight of whom died, giving an attack rate of 54% and case-fatality rate of 10%. seven months later 72 children (41 with measles, seven with history of measles in prior epidemics and 24 with no history of measles) were bled to measure measles virus haemagglutination-inhibition antibody. of the 48 with measles history, 46 had measurable antibody. surprisingly, of the 24 ...19846716539
high incidence of subacute sclerosing panencephalitis in south india.during 1983-7 a clinical diagnosis of subacute sclerosing panencephalitis (sspe) was confirmed by the detection of measles virus haemagglutination inhibiting antibody in the cerebrospinal fluid (csf) in 81 subjects resident in tamilnadu. the antibody titre (reciprocol of the end-point dilution) in the csf ranged from 2 to 32 and in the sera from 8 to 2048. the csf:serum ratios of titres were 1:4-1:64 in 80 cases and 1:128 in one case. the median age at onset of sspe was 10 years and 97% of cases ...19902307182
investigation of measles and rubella outbreaks in tamil nadu, india-2003.the aims of the present study were to confirm measles outbreaks by detection of measles-specific igm antibodies, isolation of measles virus, and genetic characterization to document the circulating genotypes in tamil nadu. eight outbreaks were reported from six districts of tamil nadu, india during the period jan-dec 2003. blood samples were collected for serology, urine, and throat swabs for virus isolation. genotypic characterization of measles isolates was based on the sequence of the n gene. ...200616482540
first detection of measles genotype d7 from india.national institute of virology, india has instituted molecular surveillance of measles strains in the country. in phased manner, three major cities pune, chennai and bangalore were covered. throat swab and urine from suspected measles cases from chennai and pune and freshly frozen brain tissues, csf from suspected sspe case from bangalore were subjected to rna extraction and measles n&h gene rt-pcr as per who standard protocols. pcr positive products were sequenced. sequence alignment and phylog ...200818008154
measles transmission following the tsunami in a population with a high one-dose vaccination coverage, tamil nadu, india 2004-2005.on 26 december 2004, a tsunami struck the coast of the state of tamil nadu, india, where one-dose measles coverage exceeded 95%. on 29 december, supplemental measles immunization activities targeted children 6 to 60 months of age in affected villages. on 30 december, cuddalore, a tsunami-affected district in tamil nadu reported a cluster of measles cases. we investigated this cluster to estimate the magnitude of the problem and to propose recommendations for control.200616984629
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