measles antibody titre in children up to 5 years of age in rural areas of aligarh district, determine the pattern of decline of maternal antibodies in 0-9 month old infants and to study the prevalence of measle antibodies and their levels in 9 month to 5 year old children, regardless of their immunization status.200011533777
etiology and clinico-epidemiological profile of acute viral encephalitis in children of western uttar pradesh, study the etiology of viral encephalitis (ve) in the children of western uttar pradesh, india and to assess the clinico-epidemiological profile of these children in relation to ve.201020106698
epidemiology and etiology of acute encephalitis syndrome in north india.acute encephalitis syndrome (aes) is a major public health problem in eastern uttar pradesh, claiming thousands of lives every year. here we report the common viral etiologic agents of aes and its epidemiology in the vicinity of lucknow in uttar pradesh, north india. cerebrospinal fluid (csf) samples collected from patients with aes, who were referred to a viral diagnostic laboratory from january 2011 to december 2012, were tested for igm antibodies against japanese encephalitis virus (jev), den ...201424858609
identification of different lineages of measles virus strains circulating in uttar pradesh, north india.genetic analysis of measles viruses associated with recent cases and outbreaks has proven to bridge information gaps in routine outbreak investigations and has made a substantial contribution to measles control efforts by helping to identify the transmission pathways of the virus.201223072489
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